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Thursday, May 5, 2011

.Me Life.

It is a journey
East to west
we choose our own path
I also have my own path
Some will said, they got right
They will take pride in their street

For me, if you keep believe 
with every your own single step
You find your own Heavens
Which you believe
it is the actual grant

Still suffocated
What I want
Sometimes, mine like
stuck in stalls
So, i just keep imagining
The thing that suits me
Something that is not on earth
Like a Thor
Like Anwar and Bamband a  good speechers,
Like a radiohead, perfect song suits him
But me
Can only try to be as 
Wrote on her truth experience
So, i keep writing in my own paint
Hope it was worth it

P?s : I do not want you to be me, just enough to feel this pain that I am fight using all of my strength

Purely Wrote in Pain,
AnakMudaDiary @ P.M.A.C

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