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Sunday, May 1, 2011



I really feel thats right now
Yes, i have it
a friends
a lovers
a family
SuCkdenly, emppty would be my bestfriend ever

I really wish to leave this hell early
Surely i'm not missing this emienent jerman unibersitas
But i'm leaving it with joy moment
Same taste when we leave our school 
Huh! I should be glad
But then, really glad for nothing
this feeling stuck + sux = stucsucks
Out of moof
Its not annoying sure

Make me believe he is the bestfriend ever
He is my heartbeating its walk the walk
Listen and do
Learn and practic
Faster when u get nervous
Slower when u get calm
The truth enemies of empty
and its always beat for me
Thats really should be call
as a friends, lover and families
Its your heart
That still beat
even you are kind
of looser and failure like me

Then i found why
people rather stay single and never get married
Its not kind of 'tak da jodoh' or what
Its about believe in themselves
Walk for their heart talk!
Heart who been their angel
and others devil
Heart always say live must go on
And i replied
'without you my heart, i rather to die'

I wrote this while i feel so empty
at this time
And i heard it beating
Sometimes, its beats with joke
For me to laugh and smile

And when it comes to conclude
I ask god, who wrote this?
this one wrote by me?
or my precious heart?
Stuck again!!!

P/s : It is give your hearts to others is wise enough?
I bet nope, its yours man!

Purely Wrote
AnakMudaDiary @ P.M.A.C


  1. eminem german unibersitash

    i want to run away from here



    i can take a easy to breath

    i hate exam.


  2. timeless : :). yap.lovers.

    anisa : hey nisa, may u teach me how to wrote well like u?


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