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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Muharram Wishes : Bloody Bloody

Then The times come
Where courage and spirit of Rasulullah comes
He Walk the Talk, seriously
But me?
'Just talk and never walk'
Do i deserve to make a wish at this
Early Muharram?

Kind of typical
People wish for better life
But i think it is worth if i do wish
For a better and stable community
People do respect a God creatures
People do Respect the human rights
People do Love so much.
Is that hard?

'Bloody Bloody'
Give the harmonies some space of breathing
Let the world rest
Let us sleep earlier, be happier
Lets love,cinta,sayang, plays their roles
Stop negative taught and conducts over others

'Bloody Bloody'
13 May?
Its not because them or you were just too stupid
We just been caught in the middle
of greedy people
Who are rich and wanna be richers
Who always spread the satan of racism
Who will keep out the light of human
As far as i know
Racism really effect
For those who want to does an

'Bloody bloody'
Lets us spread this message
We are concern on harmonies society
We are not living in this world for power
We are not for words 'ketuanan'
Because we are the creatures.
And our backboned can only be strong by 
'The Angel of Love'

'Bloody Bloody'
We are all the from the same red blood
Don't u feel our creators also would be the same?

P/s : Message of Unity


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