i serve nuff nang

Friday, April 29, 2011

Sleepy Effort

Its a gift

The most incredible feel

Un imaginable taught


suitable for creeps likes me

that not looking for perfection

but looking for something better to cheers

Have u ever be

try to sleep al the nite

at last u just stay with your imagination?

Shit, sumetimes

its really disturb me!

Seeking mood study is all gone

7 May it will start

the important day for me at this time

Sometime, its become a horrible day

so terrified 

If i fail

people will say i'm bullshitting when i was here

but they didnt realize how far i try to 

not be that shit

World is fair for this?

Nope, they dont give me a chance

They will kept pulling me outside when i failed

when i am good

i dont want to be pull up

its just be okay if they can say, 'congratulations'

and just left me at the level

same with those successor and failure

that should not have a gap


peoPle who has that effort

can u?

P/s :

"The most great things that every human can do
is live in imagination, its great, it is lies, but we always love it."


  1. hey.this is a terrible month



    all he best chin


    this is the last semester laaah!

  2. hahah

    ass as hole.wahaha

    thx nis!

    u too

    last sem.

    effort for your best



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