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Friday, April 29, 2011

If I could ever be that Thor

If i could ever be that Thor

Yes, its my dream to be unimaginable man

With a blood full of angry and fighting

And be cooled by love and attention from jane

He had broters, who disgraced him

Father teach him that to be a King

Dont be conqure by your angry and fear

If i could ever be that Thor

He got friends, stand behind and believe Him

at first He want to kill all thE Frozen Man

Who he TaughT as Enemies

JuSt like i do know who like to prepst! at me

But love And Attention purely by Jane

giVe him feeling of Tolerantion

that this entire world could be together

Thor from asgard

Frozen from cold world

And some left in earth call human

If I could ever be that Thor

Holding the Power hammer

with spirit of AllFather Son

and Love Attention from Jane

Wish i could make this world perfect

rebuild the Rainbow Sky bridge

connect the world, without borders

and comeback to my Jane

But it is 'If'

I could not be son of Najib Razak

who the ceo of CIMb and his father is minister

I surely dont have any interest in Tricubes

Is this world fair?

If this such human in this world is fair

Then why shit I still taught

'the world wasn't fair'
And never be fair

at All.

P/s : If this world is really fair, everyone will stop to imagine, no more such word as Imagination, and that is the worst part. 

Purely Wrote
Anakmudadiary @ P.M.A.C

1 comment:

  1. an epic thor.

    oh if i could be as kate middleton.

    im a happy woman in the beautiful world.

    marry a prince.

    a charming with his handsome & a big kiss & hug

    with a witty breath

    oh fantasy

    oh if i could be a cinderella.

    i need to wear a kasut kaca.

    need a wand & make me a beautiful woman in the world


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