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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SEx EDucaTion In School?IntresTing..by AnakmudaDiary

Assalamualakum w.b.t...
Anakmudadiary comeback with new issue..just copy paste from another blog.not me real Inglis...hehehe

Regarding with the increasing cases of throwing babies, the government is in the middle of planning to implement sex education in school.

Wait, allowed sex education to implement in the school?

Well, I don’t think that is a good idea.

The main reason why government would want to implement sex education in the school is to curb and reduce the underage girls from having babies. If that’s the target, to curb the pregnancy alone, yes, maybe they will succeed to achieve the objective. But that’s not the whole point at all. If we want to solve an issue of these throwing babies, we should start it from the roots. We should stop them from having sex at all!

Youngster had babies because they had sex. They had sex because they were so imbecile and immature to differentiate between right and wrong. They didn’t think much of the consequence that might come to haunted them afterword. Ironically they only know one word, and the word is, ENJOY.

So how about we take away the word ENJOY from them? How about we brainwash them to be more mature and to be more responsible and realistic? And the only way to brainwash them is like usual, by bring them back to the basic, ISLAM.

I say ISLAM here because I’m pretty sure that these issues were always come from Malay teenagers, so that’s why I will highlight more about ISLAM.

So instead of teaching them sex education, teach them more about religion (more Islamic lesson) and morale (for non-muslim). I’m pretty sure that Biology subject is good enough to cover all about sex that we need to know.

Now let’s go to some serious business here. No sex-stupid-education but more religion-wise-education. Besides, what’s the point of teaching people about sex? Even cow also know about sex. Sex is one of human main needs and necessities, just like a food. We don’t need to teach people how to eat, they will figure it out by themselves as it very important for them to live. Same goes with the sex. No need to teach people about sex, teach them to control it, to understand it, which is why they need to fully understand Islam.

Let’s look back, sex education that they want to implement in the school will teach student something that related to sex. Highlight ‘related to sex’. That is the attraction here. Refer from the famous book, THE SECRET by Rhonda Bynes, the things that we attract to is the thing that will comes to us. Whether we think about it because we like it or we don’t, we still attract to it, still attach to it, which will makes that thing comes to us automatically. That’s something that Brynes and her allies called as the Law of Universe. So if we based on what this book tells, we teach sex to the students, don’t be surprised if one day they go home and practice it for real.

My point here is, to curb student from having babies, don’t teach them on how to practice a safe sex, but teach them more about religion! U teach student to practice safe sex, they will still having a sex, just in a little bit safe way, maybe by wearing condom or eat anti-pregnancy pills, which they only focus on not having a baby. This is wrong. We should stop the student from having sex, in other words, no sex at all, not no baby at all.

Teach students seriously about religion, which is right, which is wrong, which can do, which cannot do, and make sure they absorb it! And of course parents should also play important role in this. Do not let your kids do whatever they like, control them, do not follow their way, but force them to follow your way. I bet u the parents must know better what’s good for their kids. Give freedom to them means give them the lead to the self-destruction.

Now I would like to touch about the caning sentences that have been carried out to 3 girls who committed adultery. Well, I admit that was a good start to implement the syariah law. Even though it was not really follow the hudud style, where in hudud, the sentences should be carried out in a public, so that other’s who saw it got the point not to follow the same mistake. But still this one can be accepted as a first move. Maybe after this they can practice the punishment in public to get the real value of what Hudud is all about.

When the real Hudud is implemented in our system, I bet nobody ever dare again to steal, rape, fornicate and do any bad things. This is in another words can solve all the major problems that our country having, like corruption, bribe, and including this throwing babies problem.

Finally, I come out with my conclusion that instead of teaching sex at school, teach them more about religion, make them understand Islam properly. Instead of implement sex education at school, better we implement hudud law in our justice system. Stop saying no to hudud, try first, do it properly, then let’s see the result. My dear Chinese and Indians friends, u guys have no need to worry about this, hudud just for muslim, u guys can still follow the original civil law.~

sekian, wassalam

credt to UNIVERSAL, billyuniversal@blogspot.com

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