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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Are Really Gurls Smarter than Boys???Wink~~


Our topic for this post is focus on humanity;;;boys and gurl;;;by BillyUniversal;;Copy and Paste Right by AnakMudaDiary;;;)

he result of SPM was just announced recently. Almost 7000 students scored straights A. Much has been said about girls outperforming boys in school examination. It also goes the same as why boys are outnumbered with girls at public universities. A lot of critics have been thrown to the boys. One may say that non-performance boys deserve it for not putting more effort, too lazy, play a lot and many more hurtful critics.

The point here, are girls really smarter than boys?

Well, exams are merely the regurgitation of facts, (universally stated, and mostly by men) that have been memorized by students. They do not really in any way encourage creative thinking. Sorry to say but one just need to be a good parrot with a photographic memory to excel in exams. You just memorize everything, with a little bit of understanding, then u can do well in ur exam.

The truth is, it appears that no one can explain why top scorers especially women, in general, usually fade into mediocrity or even oblivion when it comes to making it big in the real world. Nor did I say that all of them, but mostly. It appears that the one who become the top player of any fields in the world such as in economic, business, science, politics and etc. are men and most of them are not straight A’s students when they were in school.

To strengthen my point, take a good look around. Cars, bike, electric bulb, telephone, aircraft, television, computer, fabrics, and even Google, well, the list keep goes on, and guess who invented these all? MEN.

Do we see female participation in the invention of any of these great tools that have propelled men into the technological forefront? Nope, sorry, but I don’t think so.

Here are only a few names to proof my point. They are the great scientist, businessmen, inventor, hence they all were not a straight A’s students and they are a men.

Albert Einstein, the renowned scientist and mathematician of the 20th century, failed in school. Einstein did not speak until he was four and did not read until he was seven, causing his teachers and parents to think he was mentally handicapped, slow and anti-social. Eventually, he was expelled from school. It might have taken him a bit longer, but he caught on pretty well in the end, winning the Nobel Prize.

Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al- Bukhary, the symbolic of true Malay and Muslim businessmen, only studied until form 5 because he can’t afford to study at that time. Then he started selling meat at market by his own. His determination starting paid off and the business started to take off. Now he is one of the top ten richest men in Malaysia, and one of the richest people in the world, worth billions of dollar, who managed to come out in the Forbes list.

Thomas Edison, who invented the bulb, where in his early years, teachers told Edison that he was too stupid to learn anything. Goes the same when he start working, he was fired from his first two jobs for not being productive enough. But now thanks to him, because of his invention, we have a light bulb.

All of these show that male might not be focused when in school but we always go on to achieve greater height later in life. So what do u wanna say girls?

Okay, women may claims that they are good in cooking. Hello, stop fooling urself, just look around, 3-stars hotels, 4-starts hotels, 5-starts hotels, who manage the kitchen? Who that always appears in TV in cooking channel? Who are the top and well-known chefs even in Malaysia? Well, u knew the answer. Likewise, women may be deft at tailoring but here again, men seem to rule when it comes to fashion and styling. Louis Vuitton, Versace and Jimmy Choo, REMEMBER?

The fact is, girls have all the fun of scoring A’s in school exams but it remains to be seen if they have what the boys have got when it comes to the real world. Sorry girls, no hard feeling, I’m just stating the fact. But to be fair, girls also have your own specialty. Good luck with that.

So boys, listen carefully, if we are underachievers, it’s okay, but don’t give up. Never ever give up. We still have our own talent and skills that nobody know, the talent and skills that only we know. Successful in life is not about how many A’s that u managed to obtain in exams, it’s way more than that.

If we have to sell burgers at the roadside, do it, it is an honest job. But at the same time, we should strive to open a string of burger stalls, create new recipes, maybe find a way how to make delicious burger than Burger King or Carl’s Junior, and never stop to look at opportunities to expand. Don’t be surprised if one day our burger stall will feed those friends who scored straight A’s and they might be crazy over our delicious burger.It is still a win-win situation guys. =)

Whatever things it is, both boys and girls are nice,
seems like our father and mother;;;Love Them
thx God For give me the POWER (mom and dad)



  1. hye anak muda~

    dont need to make a comparison between genders performance..do you know what, Islam mentioned that man is greater then women..and women can't refuse that..but, Islam remind us..for those who are willing to put more effort on something, then you will gain something..

    if you use this entry as a platform for you to cover man weakness, man generation will be a looser..well, sorry to say..because i just think this entry totally as an excuse..

    women, we learn for our future..to teach the next generation to be a better person then us..for more explaination, please refer to my blog prevoius entry :



  2. well,i have to admit that i am agree with iliana..although i am a guy,but i totally disagree with you comparing the facts about boys and girls..if you want to compare,then you should see the person who held the highest post in our economic hierarchy, that is the bank negara..well,she's a woman and guess what,she's the daughter of the most clever person in malaysia..
    so,please don't discriminate the gender and let us live and complete with each other without hard feelings with each other..don't be like the political leaders in malaysia,always blaming each other when there are crisis arise..

  3. hai eeleeyana;;;hehehe..

    dunt worry...not just wan to cover man weaknesses..but trying to spoke to grl n public out there, whp keep think that women are better than man..

    for me..no better for anyone as human create at same level, i just gettin upset when people keep say that women get place in ipt,but men are gettin place at penjara pudu,hahaha..isn't that to show that they are power??huhu...

    i admit it, for thing that u said bout islam,huhu,thx for advice and opnion...u the best sis..hehehe

    anonymous : hai...huhu i also admit with eleeyana..i ddnt mean to discriminate the gender,do need to do that huh?huhu,,just back to the oold old people sad, usaha tangga kejayaan, who do beter,so get the best result, dont you realize that people out there are keep annoying to?said that women are better?


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