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Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Big day.

Those days comes again
Years by years
And this years it suddenly appeared
With me at my office
fak up!
i cant use my free calls!
Thx to those who wish

The days come
Some of my name such
abg rambut pacak
It repeat again
its not my buffday really
it could be my bluffing day

I'm suffocated
20 June
now me is 23 years live
me dont have any spec of dream
Coz me love to dream so much time
Best dream me have ever had?
World live harmonise

is it fak?
coz me  am not dream of marrying a putri
or bidadari poyo yang bajet cantik
And faking berlagak yang
konon nak lelaki beriman baik dan soleh 
dan kaya raya?
me dont give a damn bout that

Me wrote this again
at the time Me dont feel so happy
on this people call birthday
i dont care when i were born
I care when i will grab the
taste of freely freedom

Me just like a Birdday
means of freedom fly anywhere
Coz me now, me are
forced in the system
System that made me feel
Money are important
If not, we will be ignored
Me wants democracy
Me wants a freedom
Me wants socialisme
Thx for wish man 
Thx for wish those frankies friends!

P/s : Freedom is the only present that i really expecting for, but like you said, something u expected suddenly will never appeared.Fukc!

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